Monday, September 28, 2015

Just a Thought "48"

Can a person’s righteous works be added to the righteousness belonging to Jesus Christ himself, in order to arrive at a greater degree of righteousness than the righteousness already belonging to our Savior?

The lunacy of saints desiring to be under the law, do they actually think they can perform the law in a manner that would make them more righteous before God. Saints trying to perfect their righteousness, to cap off the righteousness they have in God’s sight.

That is idiotic reasoning, fleshly performance according to rules and regulations given in the law contract. Is God requiring that we add our righteous works to Christ’s righteousness, that we might become righteous indeed or is Christ’s righteousness, the only righteousness from God’s perspective his saints will ever need?

Can a person’s righteous works be added to the righteousness belonging to Jesus Christ himself, in order to arrive at a greater degree of righteousness than the righteousness already belonging to our Savior? A Israelite had to be a Israelite both inwardly and outwardly for God to consider that person a true Israelite.

We are not to cleanse ourselves in order to gain something from God when it comes to our holy standing before him or to maintain something before God, because we have been freely given something, namely, a justified and sanctified position in God’s son, Jesus Christ.

We are to cleanse ourselves not to keep on God’s good side, but because God’s already cleansed us, judicially speaking, by freely crediting us with the righteousness that belongs to his perfectly righteous son.

We should conduct ourselves in a manner that goes sides by side or that goes in hand with what God’s already called us to do. It is our ambassadorship of the message of reconciliation, how am I to conduct myself given my ambassadorship?

Paul wants us to be sitting in our thinking, in the place where Job was sitting, when Job asked a question, “But how should man be just with God” because Paul understood that the heart of people will go to great lengths to establish its own righteousness, and then to show just cause why they are not worthy of the wrath of God.

Seems it’s a health, wealth, and prosperity message that is motivated by the intent of separating you from the money in your wallet, gaining wealth at the expense of another’s worship is being done on a mass scale today.

Investment giving, this is what your seed faith people are being told is all about. You plant your seed faith here and God has no idea apart from you planting your seed faith whether you have faith.

So you plant your seed in this envelope with my address on it, God can see your faith and response by giving you your miracle. Modern day Christianity would say justifying the righteous, “Come to us and we will show you how to be righteous then God can justify you. We will teach you how to shoot that arrow that hit the dead center, so you can be acceptable before God.”

What a mistake that is. Look again all of you who are resting in the hypocrisy of your own well doing, while at the same time evaluating another’s salvation according to their performance in regard to whatever they are doing or not doing.

People placing confidence in their performance, not realizing that the law was designed to teach them not to place confidence in their performance when it came to earning their righteousness before God through their performance. Otherwise, God would not have provided for a sacrificial system within the law program in the first place, he would not of needed it.

Are you not glad to find out that your righteousness before God comes totally apart from your performance in the flesh in any way what’s so ever. Our deeds do not determine our destiny, our faith determines our destiny!

The Body of Christ is not the sign nation, and the Body has not become the assumers and fulfillers of God’s program with that sign nation, many think the Body have. That program has been placed on hold while God completes his plan and purpose for the saints of this dispensation.

God worked through visual evidences in connection with the Israelites who required a sign during the time that God’s program with Israel was in progress. Yet Israel, for the most part, remained an unbelieving people, they continue to remain so today while God’s program with that nation is on the shelf.

God set his program with the sign nation aside for a time as he ushered in a new program through a new dispensation for those for whom he has prepared a heavenly habitation. The Body has not been promised that earthly kingdom, an earthly inheritance, those in the Body of Christ, their citizenship is in Heaven.

We are the saints of a brand new program, while Israel walked by sight, we walk not by sight, but by faith. The focus today is no longer on the outward, but on the inward. Today, for the most part, we are also an unbelieving people.

Instead of trusting in God’s word and resting in the glories of his grace that we are shown through the word, we are even now continually looking for signs, continually looking for visual evidences of God’s presence and his approval in the day-to-day circumstance of our lives.

We have a new apostle (Paul) through whom we have been given God’s completed instruction. Would God not have us know and understand that the proof is right before our eyes, in a very real since today concerning God’s position, his power, his presence, his purpose, his program, and his predisposition in this dispensation? It is in God’s written word! 

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