Saturday, September 19, 2015

Just a Thought "45"

A person’s law keeping will never be sufficient to provide them salvation, just as a person’s law keeping will never be sufficient to maintain their salvation for them. The truth is our deeds do not determine our destiny, our faith determines our destiny.

Those who preach grace are absolutely not preaching a license to sin, they are acknowledging sin for what it is, and they are saying that the only solution for sin is to trust in the Savior and what he has accomplished for us.

To avoid the truth of grace from fear that it may give a person the right to sin, is the same thing as saying that teaching the opposite of grace (or law) will keep a person from sinning, that is a very prevalent attitude today in religianity. Desiring to teach law, thinking that the law restrains sin, what an absurd idea!

The Gentiles had a law of their own design, they had an inner sense of right and wrong, and through that inner sense called “the conscience,” they developed for themselves their own code of ethics, their own lists of do’s and don’ts.

Unbelievers and believers alike struggle with that innate sense of right and wrong, and they are drawn toward that desire to fulfill the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

That is the sin nature working in opposition to the conscience to have a person go in a direction contrary to that inner sense of right and wrong, that is common to all humankind. The notion that an unbeliever does not really have a struggle with sin, everyone with a conscience struggles with an inner sense of right and wrong or a seared conscience when a person defies that conscience.

Today people think they have to ask God to forgive them for the sins that God is no longer charging to their account in the first place. Ministers of righteousness would have people believe God is not totally reconciled in his mind.

Is God waiting for people to seek after him in order for reconciliation to become reality in his mind? Is God waiting for people to ask Jesus into their heart? Is God waiting for people to walk down the isle? Is God waiting for people to pray the sinners prayer? Is God waiting for people to repent of their sins?

Satan wants to keep sin on the table of God’s justice today, as much in the Age of Grace as he has in the other ages. If Satan had known what Jesus Christ would actually accomplish where the sins of the world are concerned, Satan would not have had Christ crucified.

The natural tendency of the flesh is to set our affection on the things of the earth and the things of the flesh, and allow those things to rule our mind. Is the primary focus of our mind on the circumstances at hand in our life, depression is a rush of negative attitude that results from a vacuum of joy.

When it comes to a mind set of joy, it is our responsibility to focus our own minds appropriately, a redirection of thought based upon the accomplishments of Jesus Christ, we are not to hold the things on the earth so near and dear so as to rule our minds.

God purchased the human race out of sins dominion, never to be returned to the market place of sin again. By removing the sin issue from the table of God’s justice, God effectively canceled Satan’s ownership of all the human race. Satan can lay claim to no person based on that persons sinfulness.

Being critical of others is an intricate part of maintaining that fantasy that we are perfect, and others are somewhere a bit beneath us. The pride nature of people is such that people will always have that tenancy to think more highly of themselves then they ought.

Rather than recognizing the unworthiness of the flesh, people spend their lives trying to convince themselves and others of their value. Elevating self through the denigration of someone else, the unseen put down, a wiliness to aggressively find fault with others.

Satan knows the power that emotions play when these emotions become the cement that seals the door of the mind, such that a mind remains closed and the door locked. To be open to that which  moves a person from the mental comfort zone to which that person has become accustomed, becomes not only an unsettling inconvenience, it becomes a mind-shaking threat to many people.

There are multitudes who are putting faith in their feelings, emotional cravings, the minds of the vast majority of so-called Christendom today, emotion trumps doctrine. Could it be that God is NOT giving people all these emotion tweaking experiences, because he knows that Satan will come with all manner of lying signs and wonders.

People may be going by a religious belief system that is a totally false belief system, why would God refuse to give people neat little things to look at today to determine his presence, his power, his predisposition, his purpose, and his plan? Could it be that God is having people walk by faith and not by sight, because God knew that Satan will be performing the miraculous in the last days of the age of grace. 

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