Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Faith of Christ

God’s heavenly program, the body of Christ program, God is not dealing with a nation today, and he is not recognizing any nation above any other nation. God is dealing with individuals today, to believe this good news is to be reconciled in your mind, not God’s.

The fact that Christ did sacrifice himself for all proves without a doubt that all were indeed dead in trespasses and sins, but in order to be acceptable in the eyes of a perfectly righteous God, in order to be able to dwell with God, people need to be perfectly righteous. It is easy for us to think we are righteous, especially when we compare ourselves with what we would consider to be the righteousness or lack of righteousness in others.

Paul has made it abundantly clear that God does not measure our goodness in relation to the goodness of others; he compares our goodness with his own perfect righteousness. That would be the criteria for dwelling with God and when our human righteousness is held up alongside the perfect righteousness of God, every member of the human race comes out on the short end of the stick.

It is a SON issue today, not a SIN issue. The issue is not forgiveness of sin. The issue is believing what Christ accomplished in your behalf, in order to be identified with and joined to Christ himself. Christ believed that God’s justice has been satisfied where the sins he came to sacrifice himself for are concerned, Christ’s faith was and remains in God, and indeed we can believe God’s justice has been satisfied.

Christ does not have a wishy-washy faith, it is Christ’s faith who has never, nor will ever waver in faith. It is Christ’s faith that is freely credited to the account of the one who believes the good news given to the apostle Paul to proclaim to us in this age of grace. It is Christ’s faith that righteousifies those who take their stand with God when it comes to what God has stated his son accomplished for them.

It was Christ’s faith and as a result of his faith, his faithfulness that he sacrificed himself and purchased the gift of our salvation. It is our faith in the accomplishment of Christ's faithful sacrifice that is the means whereby God acknowledges that we have accepted the gift his son purchased.

Therefore, God is his infinite wisdom devised a plan whereby he could take the very faith belonging to his son along with its resultant faithfulness and credit that faith and faithfulness to the account of those who believe. Ministers of righteousness still believe that sin is the issue; almost 2000 years after God took care of it! In their mind, God is waiting for man to make a decision, so God can forgive them of their sins.

God is not giving out his righteousness as a reward to those who are sorry for the past, and who promise to do their best in the future. Therefore, the issue where salvation is concerned is not sin, but righteousness. The instance you take your stand with God, you are not only saved but sealed until the day of redemption of these earthly tents in which we dwell.

Christ was delivered for our offenses, and God raised him from among the dead for our justification, he was not raised to sit on a physical throne, ruling over a physical nation called Israel, in a physical kingdom here on earth. The kingdom of heaven is not heaven, it is a kingdom designed in heaven, brought down to earth, and that is according to prophecy and has nothing to do with the revelation of the secret God kept to himself that Jesus Christ revealed to Paul.

Our citizenship is in heaven, not earth. Our faith in the good news of Christ enables God to impute us with the faith of his son. Once we believe, and are sealed, it is not about us; our faith, but Christ’s faith. Until you believe Paul’s message of the grace of God to be true for yourself, you will not be placed into Jesus Christ by the baptizing of God’s power from on high or what is called holy spirit, and not being baptized into Christ means that you are standing in your own righteousness rather than Christ’s righteousness. 

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