Thursday, May 16, 2013

It is as Simple as That

The most common view in the religious world today is that God actively chooses who he wants to save and who he does not want to save and they say it is absolutely impossible to have faith, to believe, unless God steps in and gives it to you.

God did not predestinate us to believe, he predestinated us to be conformed to the image of his son, because he knew who would believe. God has given everyone the opportunity to be saved, but only he knows for sure who will accept that opportunity. God has foreknowledge of faith.

Almost 2000 years after God took care of the issue of sin, religious people in their minds think God is waiting for man to make a decision, so he can forgive them of their sins. Is Christ going to be crucified again for every lost person who makes that decision? Of course not, but that is what they really believe.

There are people in the church; the overall visible church today, that are lost, those who falsely believe they are saved. Do they really believe with all their heart that Jesus Christ did in fact pay for all their sins? Reconciliation, it simply means a change in status or restoration to favor, that is what forgiveness is all about.

Today, it is not something we work for or wait for, it is not a future event, nor does it happen at the point of belief, it is something the world already has. Flesh wants to say if I broke it I can fix it. God is not asking us to turn from anything to be saved. God is asking us to believe Christ accomplished salvation for us and we are simply to believe it.

Christ did it all, there is nothing left for us to do. God did all the giving. We do only all the receiving. The issue of salvation is understanding the reconciliation where your sin is concerned that Christ accomplished. God is reconciled where the totality of the sin debt of all man is concerned and sin is no longer the issue on the table of God’s justice today.

Is there anything that you could do, whereby you would not be saved? You who say you believe on Jesus Christ, is there any sin that can be put to your account now? If you really believe that, then you do not believe that Christ paid for all of them. We can take God at his word, why can’t we stand with God on what he accomplished through Christ, THAT IS FAITH.

Is God going to judge sin all over again, which means that God is hiding the sins of the world behind his back for future judgment. What do those religious people think happened to the sins Christ died for, either God did not accept the payment of the sin debt Christ paid for, or the payment Christ paid for was not sufficient? It really is as simple as that.

God forgave us, not because he had to, but because it was his desire too. God accomplished through Christ what we could never do on our own. God did not wait for us to do the first step. God had a choice, Jesus Christ had a choice, and they chose to do it. Christ believed that his sacrifice would settle the sin issue once and for all, and that God would raise him from among the dead.

That is what the faith of Christ is all about, a lot of people today believe in Jesus Christ and they are not saved. They have not committed their salvation unto Christ and quit fooling with it; they are still trying to gain salvation themselves. You either trust Jesus Christ as your savior, or you do not trust him as your savior.

If you are confessing your sins every day trying to gain yourself salvation by doing so, you do not trust Jesus Christ as your savior. If you think your salvation depends on that, it would not be of grace. When God justified someone, then God cannot see sin that that individual’s life, the sins that they commit was imputed to Christ, every sin that they could ever do, Christ paid for. 

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