Monday, December 14, 2015

Just a Thought "103"

Thomas O’Buck’s Reasonings:

My thoughts on prayer…communication with God himself. If Christians are filled with the spirit of God, and if it is the spirit of truth and it dwells in us, then we have an amazing thing that we don’t recognized the potential of. The very same spirit that dwelled in Christ and revealed to him the thoughts and intentions of men’s hearts also dwells in us.

Since the spirit groans with thoughts we cannot utter, it reveals the thoughts and intentions of our hearts directly to God whether we are able to express them or not. It also reveals the thoughts and intentions of God’s heart directly to us, if we will just listen to him instead of constantly telling him what we want. That means we don’t “go pray”, instead, we are in a constant state of prayer to and from God through the spirit God has given us.

Everything we, as spirit filled Christians, think, say, and do is offered directly to God through his spirit ALL THE TIME. Religious people “go pray” and argue over how, what, when, where, and why to pray. People who walk in the spirit of God are in a constant state of prayer.

Thomas O’Buck’s Reasonings:

My thoughts on who Jesus Christ himself is. Let’s start with the one thing that will define who God really is? What is eternal life? John 5:26b…For as the Father HAS LIFE IN HIMSELF; so has he given to the son TO HAVE LIFE IN HIMSELF. The life Jesus referred to is eternal or everlasting life.

By his declaration and definition, he declared that he himself did not have eternal life at the time he was walking the earth or he was a complete liar! If you truly believe that the Bible is the Word of God, then you have to believe that Jesus Christ spoke the truth. If so, from his own mouth, he declared that only God had eternal life. Christ himself only had the promise of eternal life!

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