Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just a Thought "70"

Why is it so important to know and believe Paul’s gospel? It is important to understand the secret that had been given to Paul, what Paul calls: The Gospel of Christ. Paul’s gospel is the power of God unto salvation, Paul tells us, to every one that believes. Romans 1:16

So, when Paul was given this good news message, it was incumbent upon those who heard it, to believe it. The Gospel of Christ is Christ’s sacrifice in light of the Secret that had been given to Paul. John was preaching Christ’s sacrifice in light of Prophecy.

2 Corinthians 5:21 - “That we might be made” is the subjunctive mood. It is not that everyone will be made, it is that those who believe might be made the very righteousness of God in Christ, which is what dwelling with God through eternity is all about. There is no more powerful message than that, God was using Christ’s death for the sins of the entire world as his criteria to no longer impute sins to the world.

If you have yet to believe The Gospel of Christ, you are standing only in the righteousness your flesh has been able to produce for you, which means you have missed the mark of the righteousness God requires for heaven. If you have not yet believed Paul’s good news message, you have not yet accepted the gift of your salvation.

The issue is not our sins today, most people think sin is the issue, so they are looking for ways to keep short accounts. The issue is: In order to dwell with God in eternity future; we have to be as righteous as God, his justice will not allow nothing other, and until you believe what happened to the sins Christ died for concerning yourself, you are not placed into Christ.

It was God’s plan before the creation of the world, that humankind’s fingerprints would not be found on humankind's salvation. Romans is designed to grow us up in faith doctrine. God has always used faith in every age, he has always used faith or what a person believes as the criteria necessary to effect salvation for humankind.

Paul wants us to know how a person is saved. He wants us to understand the basis by which God provides eternal security, not only has provided the gift of salvation; but provides eternal security to all those who place their faith in what the sacrifice of his son accomplished.

When a person takes God at his Word, no matter what age, whatever the Word was when it was revealed, God considered that person to have faith and salvation has always come through faith. We become a new creation, because we become immersed not into water at all.

We become immersed into our Savior at the second we take God at his Word and accept for ourselves, taking our stand where God takes his stand, concerning what his son accomplished for us. It is God’s sovereign right to chose the criteria, and he chose to use the criteria of belief.

God’s plan called for salvation to be a gift offered to the human race, the gift has already been purchased for everyone. The Bible gives us numerous verses to verify that it is not what a person does, not what a person promises to do, commits to do, that accesses the gift Christ purchased. 

No matter what you have been taught to believe, there was no point in your life when God had to make a decision whether to save you or not. Where would God put those sins if he waited till point B in your life? Wow! What good news the world could hear, someone has paid their debt already.

Love does not force itself. God is equally as much love as he is just. So, he does force his gift on anyone, Paul clearly teaches that you have to accept that gift. God offers his gift freely to the world, but he did indeed accomplish it for the world. The issue is: What will you do with what Jesus Christ accomplished, where your sins are concerned. 
God has no place to put those sins, if he takes them off of your life at point B. Christ became the High Priest, God accepted the payment; the writer of Hebrews tells it to the Israelites. The issue of sin has been resolved, and it was resolved for you before you were ever born. God has been waiting all this time for you to come to accept the salvation that was already purchased for you. 

Depending upon where you go to church, finding out what you have to do to get God to say, “Yes.” There is insecurity in that message. These are the doctrines people are tossed to and fro by, as they hear these things and fail to understand the good news of reconciliation. You accepted the gift of that salvation for you at some point, when some ambassador of Christ told you about it. 

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