Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Destiny

If one has yet to believe this powerful message, they are standing only in the righteousness their flesh has been able to produce for them, which means they have missed the mark of the righteousness God requires for heaven. Justification is the judicial act of God whereby he declares the believer righteous.

As the believer stands before God in his courtroom, the evidence is overwhelmingly against them. Yet, as God drops the gavel, he pronounces no penalty. They are seen as Christ is seen. Justification has to do with a judicial decree of the very righteousness of God himself freely attributed to their account.

God is perfectly righteous in himself and he never deviates from his own perfectly right standard, nor has he ever changed his righteous character, because his righteous character is part of his glory. To be justified (the gift declaration of the very righteousness of God) means to receive that gift that came to all man.

A person must be justified on the basis of believing in what Christ has already done on their behalf, no one can receive that unless that person is placed into Christ. Being placed into Christ, joined to Christ is the method whereby God justifies the believer; or righteousifies them.

The believer must believe that Christ put their sins (past, present and future) away forever as a result of what his death accomplished, in order to be placed into Christ to have righteousness freely attributed to their account. What a marvelous plan God had for anyone who believes! God has kept the fingerprints of the guilt-worthy off the righteousness he designed for the guilt-worthy.

What an amazing salvation the believer truly has, the issue remaining on the table of God’s justice today is whether man will accept that gift. To receive that gift simply means to take it to one’s self or acknowledge something as being true. In other words, to believe it, to take their stand where God takes his stand, that is faith, that is accepting the truth for themselves.

To believe and receive are one in the same thing when it comes to this gift of salvation. The moment a person believes, they are saints and considered holy, because God himself places them in a position of sainthood. Sainthood is not something they have to attain, it is not something they have to wait for or wait to become.

How can God call the believer holy, when they know in a practical sense, they are unholy nearly every day of their lives. They will never measure up to the perfect righteousness of God, but all who will accept reconciliation on the bases of what Christ’s death and resurrection accomplished, are forever reconciled to God.

God has a purpose for those who believe this powerful message, by placing the believer into his son. Once they have trusted what Christ accomplished where their sins are concerned; they are then placed at that point in time into his son, because Christ’s payment has completely satisfied God’s justice where all their sins are concerned.

God did not predestinate man to believe, he predestinated them to be conformed to the image of his son, because he knew who would believe. God has given everyone the opportunity to be saved, but only he knows for sure who will accept that opportunity. Once saved, the believer is no longer in Adam, at the very point of their belief they are at that instant “In Christ”.

In God’s eyes they are no longer who they once were, they are now a new creation, having been forever joined to their savior. The believer must understand that God has predetermined to glorify them. In fact, God has predestined them to that glorification.

To predestinate simply means to decide and decree in advance the destiny of something. Put simply, before the founding of the world, God predetermined their destiny.

That destiny is glorification through the union with the glorified Christ, whom God raised from among the dead. God has foreknowledge of faith, in other words, those he foreknew (that would believe the gospel), God also determined (at that time when he foreknew) that he would conform those (who believe) to the image of his son, so that Christ would be the firstborn among many brethren. We are indeed living in a special age!

If you want God to view you today, you got to be in his son. How can you get into his son, and have all of his righteousness freely imputed to your account? By simply taking God at his word, concerning what his son accomplished for you. It is as simple as that. When God says he is satisfied with what Christ did for your sins, when Christ died for them, all your sins were all future.

It is a son issue on your part, not a sin issue, in order to receive the gift of salivation. Faith is taking God at his word concerning what his son did on your behalf. Christ did it all, there is nothing left for you to do. God did all the giving; you do only all the receiving.

God knows what his son did on your behalf where all of your sin debt is concerned and he is satisfied that all of that sin has already been judged on his son, leaving no judgment for you where your sin is concerned. Then you can take God at his word, he believes it, why can’t you stand with him on what he believes, that is faith. If you want to know that you have faith, simply take your stand where God takes his. 

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