Friday, January 30, 2015

Just a Thought "33"

All around us today, religion is marked by divisions, they have divided into little factions, into little groups, and little cliques separating one from another over who is more important than the other person, in the person’s mind of course.

What took place during Isaiah’s day was true of Paul’s day and it continues on in our day, the same inner mind-set, that same sin nature at work in people throughout history, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Corinthian believers were acting like children, Paul called them babes, and not babes in a good context, they were adult children, but they were in charge of the church, the church of our day is best described as the Corinthians epistle, equally the Galatians epistle.

Human wisdom, human reasoning will go to great lengths to deny the truth of God, that God has already reconciled all people to himself through his son where their sins are concerned, that’s not an insurmountable hurtle, to think that God has reconciled all people to himself where their sins are concerned smacks people’s self-righteous pride nature right in the face!

If the reality of reconciliation must be believed in order for justification to become a judicial reality in the mind of God for those who believe that good news message, then we can only expect that Satan’s operation in this age of grace will be to attack the reality of reconciliation with all the religious fervor those who adhere to Satan’s false belief systems can muster, they will not just deny it, they will detest it.

The fact that Christ died for the sins of the world does not mean that there no longer exists a world of sinners, to have one’s sin slate judicially emptied, because Christ died for those sins does not mean that that one possess the righteousness reckoned on the slate of the one who died for those sins.

If we fail to understand that we are blameless and what being blameless is all about, everything we build from this point on is hay, wood and stubble, God sees us in Christ and Christ was blameless.

Total forgiveness for total sin accomplished by the one time death of Christ, and because of Christ’s payment for all sin, there is now no more reason for the believer to ever feel alienated estranged from God.

All who will accept reconciliation on the bases of Christ’s death and resurrection are forever reconciled to God, that is grace, all people as a whole was reconciled to God where sin is concerned and that is grace, reconciliation is the link that connects Grace and Peace.

The ministry committed to members of the body of Christ, the Word of Reconciliation, then we can be absolutely certain that Satan wants to confuse the message of reconciliation, he wants to confuse the truth of reconciliation and turn it into a lie.

When the curtain drops and this present age comes to an end, it will be a glorious time when our blessed hope is realized. God has more in store for his grace age saints, not only heaven, but an authoritative position, a joint place of authority in the heavenly realm.

There is a headship order in the heavenly realm right now, it is invisible to us, but it is there, and God is the rightful head of that headship order. Rejoice, because we can expect for Jesus to come for us in the air, he will call us up in the air to be with him, thus will end the earthly phase of the unsearchable riches of Christ.

God wants believers to all think the same way, when it comes to what is happening in this age of grace, what God is doing today and how he is doing it.

The last days of this present age of grace, the time prior to God closing the door on the program through which he is accomplishing his heavenly purpose today, what will it be like when God says enough is enough on his program for the heavenlies, so he can pick up where he left off with his program for those who will inherit the earth.

There will be a people for God on the earth during those eventful years, there will be the remnant of believing Israelites, the 144,000 sealed ones, the great multitude, another bodies of faithful ones who are referred to all through the Book of Revelation.

Will these not need special instruction, God has provided for their instruction, and warning, and encouragement, in the second and third chapters of this book, right at the beginning they are the first subjects of God’s remembrance, provision, and care.

The Pauline Epistles will of course be of use as an historical record of what will then be past, just as we have the record of Israel’s history in the Old Testament now. Even now, the nucleus of the Remnant is being prepared, hundreds of Israelites are believing in Christ as the Messiah, who know nothing of him as the Savior.

At the very outset we are thus warned that we are no longer on, but quite off, the ground of the Pauline Epistles, which are addressed to sons, and not to servants, without denying that the members of the Body of Christ are in a certain sense servants of Christ, yet it is also perfectly clear that servant is not our title as to our new position in Christ before God.

As the members of the Body of Christ have need of patience, and endurance, but we are looking, not for the kingdom, but for the King himself, not as King, for he is not so proclaimed till his enemies are subdued, and though we, too, exercise this patient endurance in tribulation, it is not in the tribulation, but we are waiting to be taken away before that tribulation comes upon the earth.

The subject of this whole Book of Revelation is the visible appearing of Jesus Christ in power, and glory, and for judgment in the earth, it is not a series of revelations about Jesus Christ, but the book which gives us the particulars about the events which are connected with his appearing.

The end for which the Body of Christ is waiting is not judgment or tribulation, but to be received up in glory, to be changed and have glorious bodies like our Savior’s own body of glory, that coming is into the air, and not unto the earth.

There are pastors out there who have come to the knowledge of Paul’s good news, who refuse to take a stand on the distinctiveness of Paul’s ministry, and Paul’s message, and all because in their minds they have too much to lose if they do, could they only see what they truly have to gain, if they do.

Pride will not let us swallow our own pill, some people are never able to come to the knowledge of the truth, because they fear learning, knowledge of the truth may cause them to have to change the truth they have been standing on, for who knows how long, and that is a frightening thing for lots of people.

It is a fearful thing to think we may have been wrong all along, much easier for many people to avoid learning then change in mid-stream. People who write books must spend their entire lives from those books point on defending what they have written down, pride is a tremendously powerful force.

During the last days of this age of grace, the ever increasing tendency of people to focus their thoughts on self, to be self centered, “You do not satisfy my interest, I will go else where.”

One person underlies all the good news messages that have been proclaimed, but there is certainly more than one gospel, and each gospel pertains to a particular thing and some of them pertain to a particular group of people, we are not expecting the kingdom to be set up here on earth for us.

Paul could never preach and never preached, even one time in his ministry the Gospel of the Kingdom, because the kingdom was no longer at hand.

The good news from God to us today, is that God is not counting anyone’s sins against them, that is not the issue today, the good news is what will we do when it comes to us taking God at his word concerning what Jesus Christ accomplished where our sins are concerned.

Satan and his clan are working through ministers of righteousness to keep this news hidden from people, they do it by keeping that issue of sins on the table of God’s justice, clearly that issue of sins was resolved. Justification, not through our behavior and our performance, but this gift decree from God comes by faith, not by our works, not by our efforts, God can look at the sinning person who believes and call that sinning person a saint is the message.

There is now no violation of the law, no sin, that can alter God’s attitude toward an acceptance of those who accept the finished work of his son, sins are no longer merely covered, they are now completely paid for, completely forgiven, completely taken out of the way, that attitude can not fluctuate.

Jesus Christ removed the alienation sin wall, it could never be raised again, it is this message Satan and his clan hates the most, because that wall means alienation and separation, and removal of that wall means reconciliation.

Do we ponder this on a daily bases in our lives, so it becomes a state of mind, rejoicing in our savior until it becomes a state of mind, awaking every morning of our life with the security we have in Christ.

Everybody believes or supposed to believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that is not the message that saves, it is understanding the meaning of that message that saves today.

We have to believe that message of what happened to our sins, and there is where ministers of righteousness are having a hay-day, because they are keeping the issue of sins on the table of God’s justice, when they are no longer on the table of God’s justice.

The issue is, in order to dwell with God in eternity future, we have to be as righteous as God, his justice will not allow nothing other.

There are people out there who believe they can lose their salvation, because they are totally confused with their position in Christ and with their state.

Standing is what God’s made us to be and what we can never cease to be in his eyes, state has to do with how we are taking advantage or not taking advantage of that God given position that is everlastingly ours by God’s decree.

Give up serving self, and that will be the best service to self we could ever give ourself, because we will find true freedom and joy to be the ultimate result, give up serving self and serve others.

We can learn one thing for sure, overcoming addiction does not come through the commitment to stop serving the addiction, the more effort we expend in that area, the more over-whelming will become the desire for that to which we are addicted, overcoming addition comes only through the commitment to be addicted to something different.

God has given us a perfect standing in our union with his perfectly righteous son, he’s also made provision for us now to have an ever improving state or experience, it is called maturing, it is what our growth is all about. 

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