Thursday, July 25, 2013

Helmet of Salvation

The only ones who can take up any piece of God’s armor, and the only ones who are involved in this struggle against Satan and his forces, are those who have been placed into Christ. The fact that the helmet is related to salvation indicates that their blows are directed at the believer’s security and assurance of being placed into Christ.

This helmet covers our mind, intellect or reasoning. The two dangerous edges of Satan and his forces broadsword are discouragement and doubt. We did not receive our righteous standing before God by the things we have done in the past that we might consider to be righteous.

We certainly do not maintain it by the things we continue to do or what we promise God that we will do that we might consider to be righteous. Our justification was something accomplished for us by God’s grace. God has already set everyone in Christ apart as holy.

Everyone who is in Christ stands perfectly righteous or perfectly holy, justified according to God’s gift declaration of righteousness. We that believed Paul’s gospel, we have the very righteousness of Jesus Christ himself credited to our account. Our being set apart is not contingent upon the degree to which we set ourselves apart. 

We can become vulnerable to Satan and his forces deception in this area if we fail to daily put on this helmet of salvation. They are committed to fouling up our life through their deception that nothing really happened when we were born anew.

They may disrupt our daily victory, but they can do nothing to disrupt our new identity in Christ. However, if they can get us to believe that we are not in Christ, we will live as though we are not in Christ, even though we are secure in him.

Religion is Satan’s invention and many people involved in religion’s domain are dealing with God on the basis of probation, rather than salvation. Then God must make a decision in their minds, whether or not to save that individual.

If they will simply dedicate themselves to no longer sin, that is the idea promoted by Satan’s ministers of righteousness, their suitability for heaven depends upon their turning away from all of their sins. God testing over and over again the validity of that dedication, then God will knew if they are truly devoted to him, then God will be able to finally make a decision as to whether or not they are heaven worthy.

Then there are people who believe that God’s grace as it relates to salvation is something that has to be tapped into, new sins requiring new grace and new forgiveness. Satan’s purpose in this age of grace is to confuse Paul’s gospel with a gospel so nearly to it.

We can be sure that confusion concerning that gospel through the use of a counterfeit gospel; a gospel that looks so much like Paul’s gospel that we would not know the difference, if we did not clearly know Paul’s gospel, will be Satan and his forces focus in this age of grace. 

Putting this helmet on daily is important, God has committed to us the ministry of reconciliation, to tell the world God is not imputing their trespasses unto them; so we see the world still thinks he is. This ministry of reconciliation is not to the saved, we know we are reconciled, but now all have access to God, a change in status for the entire world.

Does this mean the entire world is save? No. We have to have an individual change of status and that takes place when we accept what God’s son accomplished for us. The issue with God is what his son accomplished, not sin. What is the world going to believe about what God’s son accomplished, or do they still think God is counting those sins against them and God is coming back to haunt them at some point in time.

We need to put that helmet of salvation on daily, because when Paul talks about a new creature; old things are passed away, behold all things are become new, he is not talking about sin in an individual’s life, he is talking about the identity we once were in Adam prior to salvation. We have a new identity in the second Adam, God has sealed us in Christ. 

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